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Landlord Legal

Founded in 2009, Landlord Legal has been the leader in landlord protection and has been voted as the best legal assistance product in South Africa.

Landlord Legal is a simple, brilliant product that takes care of the entire eviction process, to provide complete peace of mind to all landlords when renting out their investment properties.

Should a tenant commit a breach of his/her lease agreement or alternatively fails to vacate the property timeously, our team of legal experts will see to it that correct legal processes are followed to make sure that the tenant is evicted quickly and professionally, without the landlord having to worry about the legal costs associated thereto.

What We Offer

We are the leaders in Landlord Protection

  • The best legal assistance product available

  • Professional assistance by a team of attorneys and advocates that specialise in evictions

  • We take the pressure off rental agents when dealing with breaches of rental agreements

  • We take care of all legal costs for residential and commercial evictions

  • Eviction of tenants who fail to vacate their property after the lease/notice expires, including any material breach of the lease agreement

  • Free registration for rental agencies

  • Free legal advice for rental agents just a phone call away

  • No continuous admin for you as the protection is linked to the property

  • No credit checks or vetting of tenants is required by us

  • No waiting period if the tenant is in good standing for the previous 3 months


What our clients have to say about working with us.

“Over the years our agency has seen many similar products come and go, none of which came close to Landlord Legal. Since we joined Landlord Legal we have not looked back. Landlord Legal and their legal team are pure class and a cut above the rest. Look no further.”

Charl Kuffner, Harcourts-Dunn

The #1 Harcourts rentals agency in South Africa

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