The following questions and answers are for property agents and are aimed at promoting a better understanding of the Landlord Legal (‘LL’) legal assistance product.

When was Landlord Legal founded?2023-03-17T15:48:36+02:00

LL was registered in 2009, under the umbrella of Axia Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd.

Define the LL legal assistance contract product?2023-03-30T12:26:32+02:00

LL will provide the agency with a legal product to assist property owners/landlords of residential and commercial properties – aimed at evicting an unlawful occupier (a tenant whose lease has ended/expired or has been terminated/cancelled and who refuses to leave the rented property) without the landlord/agency being held liable for any legal costs.

Are all legal costs for the eviction paid by Landlord Legal?2023-03-30T12:27:39+02:00

Yes, all attorneys costs and all advocates costs are paid by LL and these costs are uncapped. If necessary, the landlord will only have to pay the Sheriff’s costs.

How much is the legal assistance contract fee?2023-03-17T15:48:24+02:00

The monthly fee is R198 per property, inclusive of VAT, irrespective whether residential or commercial properties.

Can individual landlords whose properties are not being managed by an agency that have registered with LL, join Landlord Legal?2023-03-17T15:48:20+02:00

No, individual landlords cannot join LL. Individual landlords have to work through an agency that has registered with LL, to be able to make use of this protection.

Are there any properties that are not protected by Landlord Legal?2023-03-17T15:48:16+02:00

Evictions that fall under the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, 62 of 1997 (ESTA) are not protected by Landlord Legal.

Does Landlord Legal require proof of vetting of tenants or require their own vetting to be done?2023-03-24T16:51:24+02:00

No, but normal agency vetting is highly recommended.

When are monthly payments to Landlord Legal due?2023-03-17T15:48:01+02:00

Payments are made monthly, in advance, and are due by the 10th of the month.

Is the Landlord Legal protection in any way linked to the tenant?2023-03-17T15:47:56+02:00

No, the protection is linked to the property and not the tenant. The protection will stay in force and effect even when the lease agreement expires and a new tenant signs the lease agreement and is occupying the property.

Will Landlord Legal ever contact the landlord?2023-03-17T15:47:52+02:00

No. LL will not share the landlord information with any third-party companies for any sales purposes or contact the landlord.

Who appoints the eviction attorneys/advocates?2023-03-30T12:28:46+02:00

The eviction attorneys/advocates are appointed solely at the discretion of LL from their approved legal panel.

What about the summons for arrear amounts?2023-03-17T15:47:40+02:00

This does not form part of the standard assistance contract, but Landlord Legal will pay 20% of the legal fees of the summons process, for landlords who have LL protection and want to continue with this process.

Is there a waiting period for the legal protection to activate?2023-03-30T12:30:05+02:00

There is a 3-month waiting period from the date of the first fee payment before LL will provide legal protection (tenant must be in good standing for this 3-month period). Alternatively, with prior consent from LL, the waiting period can be waived if the tenant has not defaulted on his/her rental for the past 3 months.

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